In addition to the five main films, Foursouth created a slew of other "shorts" in their time at high school. Below is a description of each short.

Dangerzone - Blake Buck, internationally renowned scholar and seduction artist, tackles his biggest challenge yet - a rail so deadly no man dared approach it.

Enter the Players - Before Foursouth, there was Enter the Players - the film that started it all, which introduces the members in their natural environment.

Pure Imagination - Buck and Miller decide to give their Calculus teacher Mr. Jarrell a little surprise at the end of the semester. Deepak was a little late popping out the hidden camera, but you'll get the idea.

Foursouth Joust - Is it an honorable battle between two warriors, determined to seal their fate? Or two immature high school kids acting retarded? TWO MEN ENTER ONE MAN LEAVE.

More coming soon!